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New - July 2003! Consistently Rated the BEST Internet Filtering Product

 PC Magazine's Review
By Jay Munro
July 1, 2003                                          Editor Rating:
Our favorite parental-control package, Cybersitter 2002, covers sex, drugs, hate, and violence out of the box. Fine-tuning protection in over 30 categories-from cults to hacking-is simple. Specifying blocked or allowed sites is straightforward, and unlisted sites are filtered for content. Unlike its competitors, Cybersitter offers free list updates.
Running as a system tray icon or in stealth mode, Cybersitter blocks sites without fanfare; they simply don't appear. (Programs such as CyberPatrol require a log-on and spawn pop-ups at blocked sites.) The scheduler makes setting daily and weekly time limits easy, but you don't get separate user controls: Protection is either on or off. Parents can keep tabs on kids through daily logs, and parents with fixed IP addresses on their home systems can download a free utility from Solid Oak Software to monitor and configure Cybersitter remotely.
Cybersitter filters POP e-mail and instant messages by blanking out banned words; for Web-based e-mail it blocks entire messages with questionable content. The program can also block file sharing, IM, newsgroups, and FTP access.

Apk4ic                                                  Member rating:
August 1, 2003

I fully agree with the PCMag folks! I tested several packages a couple of years back and
came to the conclusion that I will endorse no other than Cybersitter. PCWeek agreed then,
and their opinion continues with each new generation of software. I do a lot of church
counseling, and I HIGHLY suggest Cybersitter on all computers in every household that
desires a high level of integrity. The minor annoyances are worth the great reward. The
best part of Cybersitter is that it can be 100% stealth and can not be cracked--for those
parents who have children who are more computer-savvy than they are. -- RevAPK

 CYBERsitter 2003 Product Overview
New Version! CYBERsitter 2003 is designed primarily for home, educational and small business use. Even though CYBERsitter has been designed to be easily installed and used by the most inexperienced users, there are plenty of advanced features for power users too.
New Features! Now records all Instant Messenger chat conversations for AOL (AIM), and Yahoo Messengers. Now you can know who your kids are chatting with to ensure that they are not communicating with strangers.
CYBERsitter provides over 30 categories of filtering making it the most complete Internet filter available. Filters are updated automatically, and there are no subscription charges. A sophisticated "content recognition" system recognizes and blocks new objectionable web sites even before we know about them.
CYBERsitter allows parents to override blocked sites, add their own sites to block, specify allowable times to access the Internet, and maintains a detailed log of all Internet activity and violations. It will even send a daily report to parents by e-mail.
Many kids are much more computer literate than their parents. We recognize this, and the program is designed with this in mind. CYBERsitter has the most advanced anti-tampering functions available. Password protected, the settings you choose cannot be modified by even the most determined users. Advanced security features are available within the program to make it even more difficult to attempt to defeat or override the intentions of the parent or supervisor.
CYBERsitter runs secretly in the background, always analyzing Internet activity, and can be configured to be completely invisible to the user and still accessible by the parent or supervisor.
System Requirements
CYBERsitter will work with any system running Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. It is compatible with all Internet Service Providers, all major Internet related programs and browsers, and America On-line. Fully supports Windows XP Themes.
CYBERsitter only requires about 3MB free disk space. Memory use is completely optimized so even systems with minimal memory installed will experience no speed degradation.
Free technical support is provided for one full year and is available 7 days a week by e-mail and by telephone during normal business hours. CYBERsitter even has a built in e-mail support function that detects problems and reports them to us so that we can resolve problems quickly and easily.

 Advanced Features
For inexperienced users, complicated configuration is not necessary. CYBERsitter installs with default settings that will provide exceptional filtering, performance, and security.
For power users and system administrators, CYBERsitter contains a wide array of features that allow advanced control over filtering and security. The use of these features is fully documented in the CYBERsitter help system.
Filtering Options
Selectable blocking of WWW, Newsgroups, Chat, Mail, Messaging programs.
Detailed log file of user violations.
Control Internet access by day and time.
Add custom objectionable sites and personal information.
Add custom "Always Allowable" sites.
Allow access to ONLY specified sites ("White List") if desired.
Optional "Family Friendly" search engine redirection.
Deny access to TCP/IP ports or port ranges.
Ignore access to TCP/IP ports or port ranges.
Remote Control program included allows remote configuration.
Automatic "Repair" function to fix common problems quickly.
Full proxy server support including authentication.
Daily activity reports can be sent to parent or administrator by e-mail.
User configurable redirection options for blocked sites.
Automatic update of filter files performed secretly in the background.
New "Suspend" feature suspends filtering for a user defined number of minutes.
Sophisticated security and anti-tampering options.
Logs unauthorized attempts to access program.
Logs attempts to hack program or settings.
User selectable stealth options.
Optionally disable access to DOS prompt.
Optionally disable access to Network control panel applet.
Optionally disable access to Internet control panel applet.
Optionally disable registry editing.
Optionally disable access to the system time applet.
Optionally exclude selected user profiles from filtering.
Automatic, internal time synchronization with Internet time servers.
Automatically disables hacker programs that attempt to alter settings.
Dynamic encryption of sensitive settings so that it is different on each computer.
Note: Some security options listed above are not available on Windows NT/2000/XP systems, as the operating system itself offers these options based on the users profile as set up by the system administrator.
CYBERsitter's built in tech support function automatically sends us all related registry settings, lists of running programs, lists of errors encountered (if any), the current violation log, log of hacking attempts, version numbers of important files, and other data that will enable to assist in diagnosing problems on the first attempt.
We also have a special, one-of-a-kind, in-house support e-mail server that actually reads your support e-mail, checks version numbers, running programs and settings against a list of common problems, and either responds to you automatically, or routes your message to the appropriate technician for review and reply.
There are several other support "features" that we do not publicize. Rather, we employ these on an "as needed" basis. Support is a high priority, and we have a full suite of tools and techniques at our disposal to help you when and if you need it. This means we can respond to you with meaningful and helpful advice any time you report a problem or have a question. And, we can respond quickly. For busy system administrators, this means less time spent resolving problems and more time to work on other things. We can also answer support questions 7 days a week when you use the e-mail support options.

Single User Sales
You may buy 1 to 9 licensed copies if you so wish at our low price of $32.95. We eat the shipping charges!
Please Call: 1-877-347-2429 or email us at sales@northcoastink.com          
Educational Sales
Any public or private K12 school, college or university qualifies as an educational institution. Certain other facilities may also qualify such as adult education centers, computer training centers, churches, and public libraries.
A minimum of 10 seats is required to receive educational licensing. Unlimited filter file (bad site list) updates and technical support are free.
Please call for pricing for several licenses: 1-877-347-2429 or email us at sales@northcoastink.com
Corporate Sales
Any company or corporation, or any governmental institution qualifies for corporate license pricing.  
A minimum of 10 seats is required to receive educational licensing. Unlimited filter file (bad site list) updates and technical support are free.
Please call for pricing for several licenses: 1-877-347-2429 or email us at sales@northcoastink.com

*CYBERsitter Ensures Compliance with Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

CYBERsitter is always licensed per seat. This means that each computer with an internet connection requires it's own license. No concurrent licensing is available.
Our Remote control utility that comes free with CYBERsitter is for use in accessing Windows 95/98/Me/2000 PCs on a network or with a static IP address. It allows you to remotely control some CYBERsitter features, with the use of  the CYBERsitter password on the remote computer, such as changing filtering status, viewing the logs for recent violations, and updating the filter files.
Our proxy solution includes WinProxy from Ositis Software. WinProxy and CYBERsitter need to be installed on the same PC. This allows CYBERsitter to be controlled entirely from a single point, with installation and upkeep very simple.

The network proxy solution is included free upon request on any order for 150 seat licenses or more. On smaller networks an additional fee is assessed for the WinProxy in addition to the per seat license fee.